Thyroid Sessions

Hosted by Sean Croxton, with the Thyroid Sessions you will finally learn the formula for healing your thyroid from 24 of the world’s most renowned thyroid experts.

  • Thyroid-Boosting Nutrients
  • The Critical Lab Tests Your Doc Isn’t Running
  • How to Check Your Neck for Thyroid Nodules
  • Key Supplements for Thyroid Health
  • Thyroid Surgery: When and Why?
  • What to Do if Your Thyroid Has Been Removed
  • Are Cruciferous Vegetables Off Limits?
  • Safe and Unsafe Thyroid Medications
  • Thyroid Meals that Heal
  • How to Heal Your Gut and Cleanse Your Liver
  • The Top 2 Natural Thyroid Meds
  • How to Test Your Thyroid at Home
  • Healing Strategies for Graves’ Disease
  • The Hypothyroid Effect on Reproduction
  • The Link Between Your Adrenals and Thyroid
  • Birth Control, Menopause Drugs, and Thyroid
  • Fat Loss Tips for the Hypothyroid Man and Woman
  • Thyroid Cancer: Causes and Treatments
  • Iodine: To Take or Not to Take
  • Why Calories Count. . . when Your Thyroid is Low

Digestion Sessions

25 of the worlds top experts on digestion and the cover everything you need to know on becoming fully equipped with all the information you need to make the most informed decisions about your digestive health. You will learn:

  • Find the root cause and stop your symptoms in their tracks. . . for good.
  • Uncover exactly which foods may be triggering your digestive issues.
  • Know exactly which lab tests to demand from your doctor.
  • Decide for yourself whether a prescription drug or natural healing protocol is right for you.
  • Reverse the damage done to your liver, adrenals, and hormones by years of compromised gut health.
  • Sleep better, boost energy, elevate your mood, and reduce stress by nourishing your body with a properly-functioning digestive system.
  • Lose weight and eliminate sugar cravings fueled by candida and bacteria overgrowth.
  • Take back your life and never have to worry about your digestive problems again.
  • And much, much more!

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